Because Missy said so

Two jobs, home life and a very bad habit of procrastinating almost didn’t see this post come to light. Two hours to the deadline and I’m scrambling to get this up and running and published.

Daddy is to blame for my love of stories. He loved to tell them and I loved to listen. He tried to impart his love of history on me but I could never quite grasp it. Listening to history was akin to listening to the teacher in Charlie Brown. My best friend was my corruptor though. She shared my passion for stories. The first book we ever shared was Valerie Sherwood’s Lovesong.

Historical romance, sexy pirates who were actually nobility, rakes and rouges who had hearts of gold but needed the right lady to tame their wild ways. I realized if you wrapped history up in  really good fiction, I was more apt to learn. I finally understood what it meant to lose yourself in a story and become the story itself.

Many years later the same friend handed me another book. Laurel K Hamilton’s Guilty Pleasures. I was still reading Historical or modern romances at this point. My first thought when she handed me the book was “Are you sure about this?”. She couldn’t have picked a better book to get me started on the urban fantasy genre. After I devoured the first two books we were talking every day discussing the series. We got into the habit of finding new authors, sharing them and our thoughts about them. Another friend of ours swears we sound like Roger and Ebert when we are talking about our books.

My new passion has become Indie authors. Self-publishing and technology have given them the voice to be heard and the readers to enjoy them. It has also given reviewers the chance to help promote these authors. I am joining the ranks and putting my voice out there, to share with others books and characters that I have come to love.

Find a story and fall into it!